Say Hello to the 2016 King of the Cats Winners!

The 2016 season has come to an end.  What a great year it was!  Lots of great catches and a lot of good times.   I want to thank all of you for your participation, great pictures, and entries.  Like I’ve always said, without great contestants you cannot have a great contest.  I hope those of you that joined for the first time this year will continue to participate next year.   I also want to take a moment and thank those that kindly donated prizes this year.  Please remember to support those that support us.  Plano/Frabill   Tomcat Custom Rods and Team Catfish .

With that said, here are your 2016 Champions:

The flathead division was highly competitive this year and we had much higher scores than average to win. We had 18 fish entered that were 45 inches or bigger this year!   It was definitely a great year for Flatheads.  Congrats to all of you.

With 230.5pts and 2nd highest score of all time is Josh Moe.  This is Josh’s 1st Flathead KOTC win.

Processed with Snapseed. josh2 josh3


With 229pts and 3rd highest score of all time is Jake Robinson.  This is Jake’s 6th Flathead KOTC win.

jake1 jake2 jake3


With 224.5pts is Justin Severin.  This is Justin’s 2nd Flathead KOTC win

justin1 justin2 justin3


With 220pts is Steve DeMars.  This is Steve’s 5th Flathead KOTC win.

steve1 steve2 steve3


and last but not least with 220pts is John Kimble.  This is also John’s 5th Flathead KOTC win.

john1 john2 john3



The Channel Cat Division was also highly competitive this year.  We had 34 fish entered that were 32″ or bigger, and also a new biggest fish of all time entered that was 40 x 23!  Congrats to all the winners in the Channel Cat division.

With 179pts and 2nd highest score of all time is Jake Robinson (Jake also caught the 40 x 23 mentioned above).  This is Jake’s 7th Channel Cat KOTC win.

jakec1 jakec2 jakec3



With 177pts and 4th highest score of all time is Jesse Kiggins.  This is Jesse’s 1st Channel Cat KOTC win.


jesse1 jesse2 jesse3



With 176pts is Brad Doerr.  This is Brad’s 1st Channel Cat KOTC win.

brad1 brad2 brad3



With 174pts is Kent Hollands.   This is Kent’s 4th Channel Cat KOTC win.

kent1 kent2 kent3



and also with 174pts Billy Brazier. This is Billy’s 4th Channel Cat KOTC win.

billy1 billy2 billy3

In the Youth Division, this year’s winner was Isaak Mather with 171.5pts.  This is Isaak’s first KOTC Youth win.

13062000_1014582408578615_8023070587341575555_n 13612205_1053057134731142_6057940564625011411_n 13612262_1055413294495526_3194788978775242192_n

Awesome fish guys and truly an accomplishment to be proud of!    For a reward to the guys that finished with the top score in each division.  Tommy @ Tomcat Custom Rods has kindly donated a Custom Rod to each of you Josh Moe and Jake Robinson.  I’m sure you will put the rods to good use next year!  Congrats to both of you.   Big Big thanks to Tomcat Rods with a nice gesture.  If any of you are looking for sweet catfish rod, be sure to check out the Tomcat FB Page.



Finally, at the end of the year we like to crown the Ultimate Premier Superior Grand Master Champion of both divisions.  This year with 408 total points is Jake Robinson.  Congrats Jake, great year!



Thanks again to all of you and I look forward to doing it all over again next spring.  Have a great winter, be safe, and be well.


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