All rules are detailed within the FishDonkey app.  Please be sure to review all the rules within the app.  They override anything here.

Dates and Location:
The 2020 season will run from April 1st until Sept 30th  The contest is open to residents of the following states.  MN, WI, IA, SD and ND.  Only fish from these states will qualify.  To enter, you must download and install the FishDonkey Mobile app.  The entry fee is $10 (100% payback).   to learn more visit

There will be two divisions, Flathead and Channel. Contestants. To enter — simply submit a fish through the FishDonkey mobile app.

In addition to the main contest, there will also be a Youth section.  This will be open to boys and girls 16yrs and younger.  There will be 3 individual “King of the Kitties.  Channel Cats and Flatheads will be combined for this contest.

Points will be awarded based upon length + girth of each fish. Each participant may enter as many fish as they want, but only the 3 largest fish will be added up for a total score. At the end of the year, the top 5 scores in each division will be crowned Kings of the Cats. There will be a Channel Cat division, a Flathead division and also an overall winner with Channels and Flats added together.  Ties will be decided by the largest of the 3 fish, then the second largest, then third.

Entry Submission:

Participants will be required to take a video and/or picture of each fish to be entered and submit the picture and measurements via the FishDonkey app.

ALL FISH MUST BE CAUGHT ON ROD AND REEL. No setlines, trotlines, ditty poles, snagging or noodling.  Also no paylakes or private ponds. This is a rod and reel contest on public waters only.

Measurements will be taken with a ruler/tape. One measurement for length and one for girth. Length is to be measured with closed mouth and pinched tail. Girth is to be measured in the largest diameter (usually behind the head). Round your measurements to the nearest 1/4 inch.

LENGTH AND GIRTH PICTURES ARE REQUIRED ON ALL FISH.  The picture must include the entire length of the fish laying on the ruler.  A picture showing only a portion of the fish will be disqualified.  For doing this use a standard tape measure, bump board, yard stick or those stick on boat rulers or equivalent.  Please do not use a homemade ruler.  A rigid device is required for measuring the length and a bump type board with a hard stop for the nose to stop against is recommended.   Use a flexible type tape for the girth.

Here are a few great examples of photo shots with the control item and also fish next to a ruler for verification.    This is what I like to see:


If you experience any trouble or have any questions, email at

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