The big fish keep rolling in!

As we approach the final part of the season, the big fish continue to come in.  That’s what is so great about this time of the year, the overall entries slow down, but the ones that do come in are usually monsters!  This year the trend has continued.  Currently our 5 kings in each category are:  Channels- Ryan P, Jakob H, Kevin S, Billy B, and Brad D.  Flatheads- Jake R, LeAndra S, Matt C, John K, and Chris D.     I do however expect some movement in both leaderboards in these few final weeks as everyone is out trying to upgrade to grab a spot in the green and bump someone out.   Good luck to everyone!!   Here are some pics from the past few weeks.








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Whisker Run Post Spawn Results

Well it was a great day on the water with a full field of 25 boats on Pool 2 of the Mississippi River.  Conditions were good and I expected a lot of nice fish to be brought in.  The contestants did not disappoint and in the end it took a bag limit (2 fish either species) of 54.9 lbs.  Blake and Mike were victorious and their bag was anchored by the big fish of the night at 40.3lbs!    Runners up were Andy and John with 43.9lbs, 3rd place was Jakob and Alex with, and rounding off the money was Ed and Chris with 27.8lbs.   Honorable mention goes out to Larry and Gabe who missed out on the money by a mere 3oz and John and Rob who went back out after the weigh in and caught a 45lber an hour too late.

Big thanks again to all the participants, you are all class acts and and represent the sport of catfishing in MN with pride and respect.   When I first envisioned doing these invitationals this is totally what I imagined and I’m glad things have been going well and people have been having fun with it.  Bigger is not always necessarily better.

I look forward to doing a couple more of these again next year.  Here are a bunch of pics I captured from yesterday, and I would also recommend checking out the KOTC Facebook Page for bunch more awesome pics that Jakob and Alex captured (professional quality stuff).

For those of you that have fished both events this year stay tuned for a possible championship event invite.














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Bring on the second half of the season!

We have had a rough first half of the season here in MN.  We started off with unseasonably cold weather which in turn meant a slow start to the season and just as the peak was about to begin…rain, rain, and more rain, and then a little more rain.   Most areas around here had the rivers out of the banks and launches shut down.

Finally, we are seeing some relief here as we move into the spawn, and it should mean for some solid fishing here as August approaches.  I expect good things and big fish in August.   We have yet to see the a big influx of Sumo Red River channels and Giant Flatties.   Even with all that said, there have still been some very nice fish entered and its still going to take 3 big fish to take a crown home this year.   Congrats to everyone so far on the nice fish caught and I look forward to seeing more!  Thanks for all you entries and I hope to give away some more prizes in the very near future, I still have some really nice things to give away.

Also the Whisker Run Postspawn Event is all full with 25 boats and will be held on P2 of the Miss on 8/9.  Can’t wait to see you all again.

Here are some pics from the last update:

12463_698888830147976_6416091011666507321_n 10334266_689562071080652_517816191573489732_n 10340170_691721260864733_6188962717155412814_n 10363115_691721024198090_5927894770836469335_n 10403237_701103839926475_487760667396548937_n 10405403_691721017531424_5095038773085578476_n 10409527_689094194460773_8034232260021551561_n 10409733_686673228036203_4069826020931068237_n 10420233_691720947531431_9161256098476398980_n 10441341_691721250864734_6247275113444264959_n 10444649_701083629928496_7484277495036746978_n 10448813_691720974198095_1089668432321074330_n 10455867_696783003691892_8915365853626353305_n 10456829_698235930213266_6059804228367554768_n 10458797_698238076879718_1572014939519312034_n 10460957_691721244198068_8987804860027887367_n 10462437_691721010864758_5549401390444176143_n 10464033_691721030864756_4644782092673320582_n 10487585_700668539970005_5672170735645966151_n 10494867_698888833481309_1290790552799239180_n 10514747_701211939915665_5668811130796127243_n 10534076_697689413601251_1537345563620875617_n 10547654_700005296702996_2130645798054735666_n 10547693_701210013249191_2239083210437856166_n


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Lots of fish entered!

Wow! Lots of fish entered in the past couple of weeks. Not only numbers, but size too. I received notes of some personal bests caught and also first time KOTC’ers. I always love to see new people getting involved. Congrats to you all on such great catches. Be sure to follow the full leaderboard each day for all the latest updates on the totals. I try to update as soon as entries come in. Click here for leaderboard

Not that we haven’t seen some really nice Flatheads already, but I expect to see some real giants in the next 2 weeks. Conditions here in the upper midwest are looking good and in my opinion is prime for a good bite. Not to mention the channel cats that are going nuts right now.

I also did a drawing and the lucky winners were Matt H and Dave W. I will be getting in touch with you guys to arrange delivery. Thanks again to 4Season sports for the donation. I shared a post on FB that 4Season has a good supply of bait (including bullheads). If you are in need of anything be sure to check them out.  Click here for 4SeasonSports website. Speaking of Facebook, again I highly encourage you to like and follow us on Facebook. I do (near instant) updates from my phone. Some catches show up within minutes. Its fun to follow along.  Click here for Facebook Page

Here are a bunch of pics from the past couple of weeks. Enjoy and good luck out on the water!!










































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Things are heating up!

Not only are the temps heating up, so is the fishing! A steady influx of both channels and flatheads is a sure sign that big fish are on the prowl. The next few weeks will be prime time to boat giant fish! Congrats to everyone who has been out catching and good luck to you all in the first part of June. I want to remind everyone that I’ve started a kids division called (King of the Kitties). I am still working on getting the leaderboard set up, but for now, any name with an asterisk behind it is a KOTK contestant. We have had several entries already. Also I want to remind everyone to please use the official KOTC control item when taking your pictures. I’ve had a few entries with just a plain KOTC logo. The official control item can be found here.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for prize some prize giveaways. I have a lot of things to give away.

Enjoy the pics!

















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A slow start but things are heating up!!

With the weather we have been having here in the Upper Midwest, things have started off really slow as far as entries go. However, there have been some really nice fish entered already including 1 beautiful Flatty by Jake. I’ve given out a few gift cards to 4 Season Sports and I have a lot more stuff to give away, the best is yet to come. I hope everyone is having a good Spring and I look forward to getting more entries in the next few weeks! Good Luck.












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Game on!

The 2014 contest is now under way!  Good luck to everyone this year and check back here and the KOTC Facebook page often for any updates and pictures.  I will be giving away a $20 gift card to 4 Season Sports every week.  With the weather this year the first few weeks should be interesting to see how many entries we get.  Again, good luck to everyone and have fun!



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4 Season Sports

4 Season Sports went above and beyond with prize donations this year! 2 Shimano cat rods, 3 fillet knives, 2 spools of Big Cat line, and best of all a $20 gift card for each week for the first 12 weeks of the contest! $400 worth of prizes. A big thanks to them! Please check out the video I shot yesterday and be sure to stop by if you are in the area.

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Rules Update

I’ve changed 2 things today.

1.  I’ve relaxed the minimum qualifying lengths.  Channel Cats will be 27″ minimum and Flathead Cats will be 33″ minimum.

2. I’ve added a Youth Section for boys and girls 16yrs and younger.  There will be no minimum length on either species, I will have separate prize drawings for them and at the end of the year there will be 2 champions for each specie.  They will be crowned “King of the Kitties”  Let’s get some more kids involved this year!

2 more weeks!



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The time is near!

Just a few short weeks away and another season will be upon us!  It has been a brutally cold and snowy winter, but all that will change soon.  I’m in the process of securing some nice prizes for us this year and will update more on that later.  In the meantime, I have updated the Control Item logo to give you all some time to laminate a copy or have a hat or shirt made.  Once again, I would recommend Evolution Shirts in Henderson MN for all your KOTC logo apparel.  They have great prices and will do one off items per your request.   For more info click the  “Buy Hats” tab on the main page header.   Think Spring!

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