May 2017 Update

Well, after a pretty slow April here at the King of the Cats, the Month of May sure made up for it!   It was a full month of big fish action. Not only were a lot of nice fish caught but we also hit a couple of milestones.  The biggest documented Flathead in the history of KOTC was entered not only once…but twice!  Josh Moe and Jake Robinson both entered the same size fish on the same day.  They both measured 49 x 33.5 and estimated at 60-65lbs!   Spectacular fish guys and a real testament to the to the benefits of catch and release.  It was such a cool thing to see those fish released to fight another day.     The other milestone was Daris McKinnon breaking the all-time total score for Channel Cats.  The old record was 180 and Daris surpassed that and is currently at 182!    With the new expanded boundaries of North America I can’t wait to see where that Channel Cat score ends up.    I expect another solid month and many more big fish in June.  The contest will really start to take shape.  Up until now on the Flathead side it has pretty much been the Josh, Jake show.  I would guess upgrades will be much harder to come by for them, and the pack will creep up slowly and on the Channel Cat side a nice battle has formed between the Red River and Colorado.   The Whisker Run is scheduled for this coming weekend on the MN river and we have a full 25 boats signed up and ready to do battle.  I would bet we will see some nice KOTC entries come in during that event.   Good luck to everyone in June and I look forward to seeing all your entries!   As always be sure to like and follow the King of the Cats Facebook page for up to date info, pictures, and real time entries.   Here are just some of the many nice fish entered in May.


FB_IMG_1496750805116FB_IMG_1496750824447 FB_IMG_1496750837436 FB_IMG_1496750847639 FB_IMG_1496750870297 FB_IMG_1496750881666 FB_IMG_1496750892706 FB_IMG_1496750902376 FB_IMG_1496750929633 FB_IMG_1496750938770 FB_IMG_1496750950387 FB_IMG_1496750960831 FB_IMG_1496750977670 FB_IMG_1496750990952 FB_IMG_1496751015988 FB_IMG_1496751033290 FB_IMG_1496751039653 FB_IMG_1496751061778 FB_IMG_1496751087138 FB_IMG_1496751233969

FB_IMG_1496750892706 FB_IMG_1496750902376 FB_IMG_1496750929633 FB_IMG_1496751108741 FB_IMG_1496751128569 FB_IMG_1496751136196 FB_IMG_1496751145419 FB_IMG_1496751154667FB_IMG_1496751223842 FB_IMG_1496751201427 FB_IMG_1496751184028

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