June 2017 Update

As always, June was a stellar month for KOTC!   So many big fish and movement in the leaderboards.  Also another successful Whisker Run in is the books.   July has also started off with some nice fish but we usually so see a bit of a slowdown both related to spawning activities and harder to upgrade this time of year.  Congrats to those of you that have found you way into the green (top 5) and good luck to those of you that have been bumped out our still looking for that upgrade to make a move.  One milestone we hit this past month was a fish entered with a girth of 34.5!  This is the biggest girth fish ever entered in KOTC.  What a beast that fish was!   As always be sure to like and follow the King of the Cats facebook page for real time updates and also check out the leader-board for the latest entries and standings.    Good luck with the rest of July!




18922430_1359603270743192_375868999846451254_o 19023395_1362757790427740_899126948289396321_o 19029318_1361132543923598_7724760861306638740_n 19030295_1365151483521704_8259497371559825503_n 19030304_1365155906854595_8018940973220023349_n 19030306_1364901336880052_8819603918959291418_n 19030381_1362943093742543_7738925579677859432_n 19055051_1365154956854690_4511848810015697730_o 19143056_1370246813012171_4394364262803048868_o 19143810_1367513589952160_7915241920308167590_o 19148994_1370484122988440_735757927883102815_n 19149136_1369278776442308_7745481637959729309_n 19221704_1371067382930114_8496717239575325086_o 19247575_1367510476619138_8800776788600269086_n 19260350_1374552809248238_6406199557950949309_n 19260475_1371074069596112_3173015292878039393_n 19388366_1370265496343636_5723267107049127047_o 19429994_1377868122250040_1325540276753870712_n 19510558_1379240695446116_8154420547972515486_n 19554571_1380474011989451_5232213173585868994_n 19601040_1385678081469044_7781745910462775695_n 19601589_1384822898221229_5491164760011291052_n 19693751_1385413164828869_2921635921789023954_o 19732163_1390305294339656_1659505711903050862_n

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