July/August Update

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been a little slow on the updates lately.   Today is September 1st and we are starting to wind down on another great year!    Jake and Josh keep giving each other jabs fighting for the top spot in the Flathead division and maybe Sept will bring the knockout punch….or who knows maybe someone who has only registered a fish or two will have a crazy night and pass them both up.  Big fish are definitely getting bigger in Sept.     September also brings Monster Channel cats and we’ve already had historical numbers  on the Channel cat side with adding expanded boundaries.  I have no doubts that we will be seeing a lot of action on the Channel Cat board.    The guys over in Colorado are still cream of the crop, but will some Northern Red River cats be able to top them?    I hope everyone is out enjoying themselves on the water and I look forward to seeing how September plays out.  Good luck to you all.   Oh, and by the way, I’ve been doing a little house cleaning and have a bunch of stuff to give away.  Keep an eye on this page for your chance(s) to win!

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