Here are your 2017 King of the Cats!

We once again bring a close to the end of another King of the Cats season.  Some historical bars were set this year with the highest Channel Cat score and Biggest Flathead(s) ever entered.  The average overall score for both species was also at an all time high.  Either the fish are getting bigger or you all are getting better. :)     A big congrats to all the winners a lot of time and effort was spent by all of you to catch the fish you did.  Kudos to all of you for your entries and measurement pics.  We have came a long way from cruddy flip phone pics.  Also a big thanks to everyone who helped out along the way with prize donations and sharing the love of the sport.   I have so much fun with this contest and I’m glad other do as well. A tip of the cap to all of you and I look forward to doing it all again next year.   I hope everyone has a great off season, stay well my friends!

With all that said, here are your 2017 King of the Cats.

In the Flathead Division in 1st place with 234.5 pts and also biggest Flathead ever entered from Minnesota is Josh Moe

18486069_1339259546110898_8450976919424436276_n 18838861_1356013337768852_3259023706526929751_n 21082805_1437587972944721_2866021634389130798_o

In second place with 232pts and also a tie for biggest Flathead ever entered from Minnesota is Jake Robinson

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ??????????????????????????????? jake_49x33.5_3

In third place with 227pts from Minnesota is Matt Peluf

matt_44.5x29.5_1 matt_44x32_1 19657131_1385870584783127_3239667494793021527_n

In fourth place with 218.5pts from Minnesota is John Kimble

18518190_1338596226177230_5292194292255351459_o 19989592_1397302500306602_8626884391543336728_n 18739173_1354485431254976_4810389277946310328_o

Finally in fifth place with 216pts from Wisconsin is Matt Heeter.

20776822_1427793903924128_8917667417801400391_o22207430_896917957134007_81079973_n 21994420_1460283524008499_6838890614189021406_o

In the Channel division coming in 1st place with the highest ever total score of 183pts and biggest channel cat entered this year from Colorado is Daris McKinnon

daris_37x23_2 image1 daris_36x24.5_3

In second place and just .5 pts off the lead at 182.5 from Colorado is Marty Meshek

marty_36x24.5_1 marty_37x23_3 marty_38x24_2

In third place with 182pts from Colorado is Ray Moore

ray_36.5x23_2 Screenshot_20170921-203433 Screenshot_20170922-140632

In fourth place with 178.5pts from South Dakota is Jesse Kiggins

18449651_1336993303004189_7959008817437375939_o 18489526_1336548513048668_7185199484543911509_o 21246394_1442559019114283_8174815891778665801_o

Finally in fifth place and our youngest ever King of the Cats winner with 176pts from Minnesota is Brekin McGill.

20799201_1428224433881075_5362180314750654278_n 20800190_1428224317214420_2703077476266045587_n 20882400_1428224267214425_2301099901538879951_n


Overall grand champion master supreme.  With 364.5 pts total of both species, from South Dakota is Tron Glaser.

18446699_1336996713003848_977038815133094414_n 18921048_1353876641315855_7828078758056983370_o

Thanks again and congrats to you all!


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