April 2016 Update

Hey everyone!  Here is your April update.   As with the past years, April was a roller coaster dictated mostly by Mother Nature.   When she gave us favorable conditions with some sun, fish were being caught, and when things cooled down and the water came up, it seemed to shut it down for a bit.  Still lots of great fish caught in April!  Congrats to Andrew, Blaze, Brad, Isaak, Jake, John, and Josh for ending the month in the green.   I’m looking forward to a great May and can’t wait to see all your entries.  Good luck to everyone and be sure to like and follow us on Facebook for up to date entries, important information and big fish catches!   Also I got word from a few companies such as Team Catfish, Frabill, and Tomcat Custom Rods about some great prize donations headed my way.  Hopefully I’ll have some fun stuff to give away, but just remember you can’t win if you don’t play, so get those entries in and join the fun.  🙂


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