Submission Form

Reminder: Minimum length must be 26″ for Channel Cats and 32″ for Flathead Cats  (no minimum for Youth Section)

To enter your fish you will need to complete everything listed below. If not, the fish may be disqualified.

1. A picture with the angler holding the fish.
2. A picture with the fish clearly showing the KOTC LOGO
3. A picture with the fish on a stiff ruler or bump board.
4. A picture with a soft tape showing the girth.
*5. Include age of angler if entry is for 16 and under King of the Kitties.

This can be done in many combinations such as length and girth and logo on the same picture. No matter how you do it, I must have all 4 of these elements to enter the fish.

Once you have met these requirements, you can then email all the pictures to
us with the subject tited “Entry” Be sure to include your full name and measurment dimensions in your email. You can also direct message them to the King of the Cats Facebook messenger page as well. Those are your 2 options to enter a fish.

Click here to Email your submission

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