Welcome to KING OF THE CATS!

I am excited to announce some BIG changes to King of the Cats. First of all, this will be year 15 for us! I can’t believe it’s still going. Big thanks to everyone of you that has joined in and played along. I really appreciate it. I hope you choose to continue on with the new changes.

Starting in 2020, the contest format will change to the FishDonkey Mobile App for submissions. All contestants MUST join and submit your entries through the Mobile App. Also required to join is a $20 entry fee. This fee will be applied 100% towards prizes and admin/app related fees. (no money will go to me personally).

The app will make entries and submissions a great deal easier for both the contestants and myself as admin, and in fact will also eliminate the need for a separate control item or logo. You read that correctly NO control item will be needed. Also the leaderboard and all entries will be available to review 24/7 through the app.

The contest is open to residents of MN, ND, SD, IA, and WI and there will be 3 categories. Stringer of Flathead (3) Stringer of Channel Cats (3) Youth Division (for those 16 and under) and also a mixed bag division with Flatheads and Channel Score combined. Contest will be length and girth added together. For example a 40×25 would be 65 units.

I expect a small learning curve so I encourage you all to enter soon and start practicing. Also there will be no minimum length to qualify. This should help with practicing entries as well.

All the rules are detailed in the contest info when you join. Contest dates are April 1st through October 3rd and you will be able to join anytime during the year (no deadline to sign up).

I expect a LOT of questions, so feel free to send me an email dtrofishon@gmail.com

Here’s what you need to do: Download the FishDonkey App on your mobile device. Search for the King of the Cats contest and then sign up to join. Here’s a link to help get you started: https://www.fishdonkey.com/

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Here are your 2019 King of the Cats!!

Today is Oct 1st and we have reached the end of another fun filled King of the Cats season! We had lots of flooding and high water to deal with this year which made things a bit difficult. Even so, lots of big fish were caught! Thanks again to everyone that participated it’s all of you great anglers that make this contest so special and fun.

Congrats to all the winners!

Channel Cats:

With 178.5pts Tom Van Kley


With 176.5pts Justin Severin


With 176pts Jake Robinson


With 172.5 Jamie Reitmeier


and with 156.5 pts is Blaze Nelson


and here are your winners in the Flathead division

with 219 pts Jake Robinson


With 216.5 pts Jamie Reitmeier


With 214 pts Matt Heeter


with 212.5 pts Gary King


and finally with 211.5 pts Matt Peluf


The overall grand master champion for 2019 is Jake Robinson with 395 pts



Great job guys, those are some catches to be proud of! Have a great rest of the year and see ya again in 2020.


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2019 April/May Update

The crazy wet spring and cool weather sure has put a damper on the start of the 2019 KOTC season. However, little by little the fish are starting to roll in and now that June is finally here, I expect to see some hogs being caught. Here are a few nice ones that have been submitted so far. Be sure to check out the leaderboard for the current leaders and also our Facebook page for up to date info and pictures. Just a reminder that the Whisker Run will be held on 6/15. This is a 25 boat event that will be held on Pool 2 and I currently have 2 spots left if anyone is interested. Shoot me a message and I can send you details. Good luck to everyone out there on the water. This is going to be a great June I think!

received_1266094066885277 Screenshot_20190525-104810_Facebook Screenshot_20190525-154925_Facebook Screenshot_20190601-092245_FacebookScreenshot_20190527-004902_Facebook Screenshot_20190602-063626_Facebook Screenshot_20190602-190934_Facebook 20190602_061722 20190602_185615









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Welcome to King of the Cats!    This is a fun, free, catch and release catfish contest. Take a look around at the monster pics and fun stats from previous years.

The 2019 season starts March 1st for Channels and April 1st for Flatheads. Please see the Rules tab for more information on how to participate.

Be sure to follow and like us on Facebook for instant updates and up to date announcements and information.

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Here are your 2018 King of the Cats!

Well another year has passed and we have come to the end of the 2018 KOTC season.   Where did the summer go?   I hope all of you have had a great time catching fish, participating, and also following along on our Facebook page.   I really enjoy seeing all the great pics and everyone out having fun on the rivers and lakes catching and releasing catfish.  Preserving and conserving the resource it what it’s all about and always has been.  It’s awesome to know that all these great fish were put back in for the rest of us to spend time on the water trying to catch again someday and I tell you what, there is a very good chance they WILL be caught again.   I want to give a big Congratulations to all the winners this year!   I know you all spent a lot of time on the water and the impressive numbers show it.   I look forward to doing this all again next year.  Until then, best wishes to everyone.


Here are your 2018 King of the Cats:




With 239.5 points, Josh Monack



With 239 points, Jon Ekstrand



With 234 points, Jake Robinson


With 224.5 points Josh Moe


And with 214.5 points the final spot goes to Matt Heeter




With 179 points,  Marty Meshek


With 175.5 points, Jake Robinson


With 173.5 points Matt Schuneman


With 172.5 points Darren Troseth


And with 170.5 points the final spot goes to Jesse Kiggins


King of the Kitties (16 and under)


This year the title goes to Isaiah Miller with a total score of 127.5



The overall Grand Champion Wizard Supreme King of the Cats goes to Jake Robinson with a record total overall score of 409.5!



Awesome fish everyone!  Thanks again.  See ya next year.

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First half of the season update 2018

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates here on the website lately. I have been making daily updates on our Facebook Page so hopefully everyone has been following along there, if not I would encourage you to do so. At any rate, we have been having a good year here at KOTC, lots of great fish being caught. The rain and high water in the Upper Midwest definitely has had an impact on the Late June through Mid July bite. Add in spawning activity and it made for some slow times for sure. But, as in previous years July seems to be one of the slower months for entry activity anyways. But the good news is that the action is picking up! The water levels are dropping and the fish are starting to really get active again. Taking a look at the leaderboard we have some very impressive totals in both categories. To date, 22 Channel cats over 30” and 42 Flatheads over 40” have been entered and about 100 fish in total. The biggest Channel Cat entered so far was caught by Marty Meshek @ 37 x 24 (approx. 26lbs) and the biggest Flathead caught by Jon Ekstrand @ 48 x 33 (approx. 59lbs). I look forward to receiving more of your entries here in August and Sept, we all know there are a LOT more big fish to be caught yet, especially those BIG late season Sumo Channel Cats. Here are some highlight pics! Be sure to check out the leaderboard and see where everyone stands so far. Good luck to everyone in the second half of the season.































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Here we go!!!

Welcome to the 2018 King of the Cats! Channel Cat contest is now open and Flatheads will begin on 4/1. I’m looking forward to another great year and I hope you are as well. This will be the 12th year for King of the Cats.

Once again the contest is open to anywhere in the US and Canada for both Flatheads and Channels. The contest originated in MN so the majority of fish you will see will be coming from that state, but the last couple of years there has been a strong showing from places like Colorado, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and even Manitoba. I would encourage those from other states to join in too. This is a summer long contest that was started in 2007 to promote the practice of catch and release and celebrate big fish. If you would like to participate, please familiarize yourself with the rules tab found on the website www.kingofthecats.org Also, Evolution Shirts www.evolutionshirts.com is once again our official spot for logo gear. If you would like a hat or shirt or whatever with the logo, please contact them to find a hat of choice. Feel free to get them made anywhere else on your own too, no requirements here. Also be sure to like and follow our Facebook page. This is where most of the recent updates and announcements and pictures will be found.

This is mostly a bragging contest with not lot of things to win, but throughout the year I will try to secure a few prizes to give away and in the past we have had some great sponsors step up and provide things such as custom rods and other great gear. Just remember this though, you can’t win if you don’t play. 🙂 Good luck to everyone and let’s make it another fun one! Now…who is going to be the first to enter a fish???

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Here are your 2017 King of the Cats!

We once again bring a close to the end of another King of the Cats season.  Some historical bars were set this year with the highest Channel Cat score and Biggest Flathead(s) ever entered.  The average overall score for both species was also at an all time high.  Either the fish are getting bigger or you all are getting better. :)     A big congrats to all the winners a lot of time and effort was spent by all of you to catch the fish you did.  Kudos to all of you for your entries and measurement pics.  We have came a long way from cruddy flip phone pics.  Also a big thanks to everyone who helped out along the way with prize donations and sharing the love of the sport.   I have so much fun with this contest and I’m glad other do as well. A tip of the cap to all of you and I look forward to doing it all again next year.   I hope everyone has a great off season, stay well my friends!

With all that said, here are your 2017 King of the Cats.

In the Flathead Division in 1st place with 234.5 pts and also biggest Flathead ever entered from Minnesota is Josh Moe

18486069_1339259546110898_8450976919424436276_n 18838861_1356013337768852_3259023706526929751_n 21082805_1437587972944721_2866021634389130798_o

In second place with 232pts and also a tie for biggest Flathead ever entered from Minnesota is Jake Robinson

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ??????????????????????????????? jake_49x33.5_3

In third place with 227pts from Minnesota is Matt Peluf

matt_44.5x29.5_1 matt_44x32_1 19657131_1385870584783127_3239667494793021527_n

In fourth place with 218.5pts from Minnesota is John Kimble

18518190_1338596226177230_5292194292255351459_o 19989592_1397302500306602_8626884391543336728_n 18739173_1354485431254976_4810389277946310328_o

Finally in fifth place with 216pts from Wisconsin is Matt Heeter.

20776822_1427793903924128_8917667417801400391_o22207430_896917957134007_81079973_n 21994420_1460283524008499_6838890614189021406_o

In the Channel division coming in 1st place with the highest ever total score of 183pts and biggest channel cat entered this year from Colorado is Daris McKinnon

daris_37x23_2 image1 daris_36x24.5_3

In second place and just .5 pts off the lead at 182.5 from Colorado is Marty Meshek

marty_36x24.5_1 marty_37x23_3 marty_38x24_2

In third place with 182pts from Colorado is Ray Moore

ray_36.5x23_2 Screenshot_20170921-203433 Screenshot_20170922-140632

In fourth place with 178.5pts from South Dakota is Jesse Kiggins

18449651_1336993303004189_7959008817437375939_o 18489526_1336548513048668_7185199484543911509_o 21246394_1442559019114283_8174815891778665801_o

Finally in fifth place and our youngest ever King of the Cats winner with 176pts from Minnesota is Brekin McGill.

20799201_1428224433881075_5362180314750654278_n 20800190_1428224317214420_2703077476266045587_n 20882400_1428224267214425_2301099901538879951_n


Overall grand champion master supreme.  With 364.5 pts total of both species, from South Dakota is Tron Glaser.

18446699_1336996713003848_977038815133094414_n 18921048_1353876641315855_7828078758056983370_o

Thanks again and congrats to you all!


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July/August Update

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been a little slow on the updates lately.   Today is September 1st and we are starting to wind down on another great year!    Jake and Josh keep giving each other jabs fighting for the top spot in the Flathead division and maybe Sept will bring the knockout punch….or who knows maybe someone who has only registered a fish or two will have a crazy night and pass them both up.  Big fish are definitely getting bigger in Sept.     September also brings Monster Channel cats and we’ve already had historical numbers  on the Channel cat side with adding expanded boundaries.  I have no doubts that we will be seeing a lot of action on the Channel Cat board.    The guys over in Colorado are still cream of the crop, but will some Northern Red River cats be able to top them?    I hope everyone is out enjoying themselves on the water and I look forward to seeing how September plays out.  Good luck to you all.   Oh, and by the way, I’ve been doing a little house cleaning and have a bunch of stuff to give away.  Keep an eye on this page for your chance(s) to win!

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June 2017 Update

As always, June was a stellar month for KOTC!   So many big fish and movement in the leaderboards.  Also another successful Whisker Run in is the books.   July has also started off with some nice fish but we usually so see a bit of a slowdown both related to spawning activities and harder to upgrade this time of year.  Congrats to those of you that have found you way into the green (top 5) and good luck to those of you that have been bumped out our still looking for that upgrade to make a move.  One milestone we hit this past month was a fish entered with a girth of 34.5!  This is the biggest girth fish ever entered in KOTC.  What a beast that fish was!   As always be sure to like and follow the King of the Cats facebook page for real time updates and also check out the leader-board for the latest entries and standings.    Good luck with the rest of July!




18922430_1359603270743192_375868999846451254_o 19023395_1362757790427740_899126948289396321_o 19029318_1361132543923598_7724760861306638740_n 19030295_1365151483521704_8259497371559825503_n 19030304_1365155906854595_8018940973220023349_n 19030306_1364901336880052_8819603918959291418_n 19030381_1362943093742543_7738925579677859432_n 19055051_1365154956854690_4511848810015697730_o 19143056_1370246813012171_4394364262803048868_o 19143810_1367513589952160_7915241920308167590_o 19148994_1370484122988440_735757927883102815_n 19149136_1369278776442308_7745481637959729309_n 19221704_1371067382930114_8496717239575325086_o 19247575_1367510476619138_8800776788600269086_n 19260350_1374552809248238_6406199557950949309_n 19260475_1371074069596112_3173015292878039393_n 19388366_1370265496343636_5723267107049127047_o 19429994_1377868122250040_1325540276753870712_n 19510558_1379240695446116_8154420547972515486_n 19554571_1380474011989451_5232213173585868994_n 19601040_1385678081469044_7781745910462775695_n 19601589_1384822898221229_5491164760011291052_n 19693751_1385413164828869_2921635921789023954_o 19732163_1390305294339656_1659505711903050862_n

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